Our solutions for industry

For our industrial customers, we form sheet metal, bend pipes and manufacture complex
welded assemblies - whether made of stainless steel, steel or aluminum. Our machine park is
well equipped for all applications. So that we can also say for you and your concerns:
"When it comes to metal - we shape the solution!"


Insights into our portfolio

Exhaust gas after-treatment for ships, tractors or construction machinery

Ship engines burn heavy oil, machines in construction and agriculture run on diesel: by manufacturing diesel particulate filters (DPF) and oxidation catalysts (DOC), S&R Eisenmann GmbH is helping to make the world a little bit cleaner. The substrates required to reduce exhaust gas emissions receive the appropriate sheet metal covering from us - in the form of short tubes. Whether round, square or oval, we will find the solution. Regardless of whether our OEM customers are dealing with a freighter, tractor or excavator - we make DPF and DOC installable in the vehicle.

Sheet metal production

Sheet metal parts in all shapes: Made from different materials such as stainless steel, steel or aluminium. On our 5-axis laser cutting system, we bring this into the contour desired by the customer. We offer deep drawing, bending and longitudinal seam welding for a variety of applications: housings, shells, tubes and much more. Prototypes and small series can be realized with us.

Deep drawing

Strength up to 400 t


Length 500 mm
Diameter Ø 40 mm - 1000 mm
Material thickness 0,5 mm - 2 mm
Material stainless steel, steel, aluminum and titanium


Length 2500 mm
Material thickness 0,5 mm - 10 mm
Material stainless steel, steel, aluminium, titanium, brass and

Longitudinal seam welding

Length 500 mm

*depending on the constellation / combination of component geometry

Tube technology

We bring pipes of different materials, diameters and wall thicknesses to the right length and shape: not only for exhaust systems, but for every need with a pipe length of up to six meters. With our CNC tube bending machines, multi-stage bending in different radii is possible. We can adapt tube ends to different diameters and contours. From exhaust systems and pipes for building technology to unusual designs for roller coasters in amusement parks: we bend, shape and laser pipes for all areas.

Pipe bending

Bend radius 1 x D - 3 x D
Diameter Ø 20 mm - 100 mm
Material thickness 1 mm - 5 mm*
Material stainless steel, steel and aluminium

*depending on the material

Tool making

We are able to use the data from our CAD designers to manufacture deep-drawing tools in-house using our CNC milling machines. This allows us to flexibly create tools at short notice or make changes for our customers. Deep drawing is well suited for larger quantities and series production.

CAD construction

usable formats .STEP .IGES

CNC milling

Machinery 3-axis and 5-axis

Laser cutting

Machinery 3D

Deep drawing

Strength up to 400 t

welding technology

We weld welded components up to a unit weight of approx. 100 kg for our customers. We do this manually using the MAG and TIG welding process, as well as fully automatically using a welding robot. Perfect preparation of the workpieces, especially with aluminum and titanium materials, is decisive for the quality of the welded joint.


MAG Material: stainless steel and steel
WIG Material: stainless steel, steel, aluminum and titanium
Welding assembly Up to max. 100 kg per component

*depending on the constellation / combination of component geometry

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