Full throttle into the future: Eisenmann in an interview with SWR

Eisenmann was there – Baden-Württemberg promotes the consultation of automotive suppliers.

Hemmingen, November 18, 2021 – When progress threatens the business model, some entrepreneurs bury their heads in the sand and give up. Others seek advice and look for new fields of activity that match their own skills. Rolf Eisenmann accepted a consulting voucher from the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics to secure the future of the family business and its 80 employees.

"I crawled mentally through the pipes with the exhaust gas," says the company founder and owner, who has been fascinated by sports cars since his youth, in an interview with SWR1 and SWR4, which was broadcast on November 18, 2021. However, specializing in exhaust systems entails a major entrepreneurial risk that was unthinkable when Eisenmann Exhaust Systems – formerly the company name, now a brand of S&R Eisenmann GmbH – was founded in 1988: electric cars, which as the future of Automotive apply, have no exhaust!

Thanks to the advice, 80 percent of which was funded by the state, the direction was quickly set: With the know-how of the employees and the in-house production facilities and tools, ecologically sensible heat storage systems for building services can also be developed and manufactured.

The entire interview with Rolf & Sarah Eisenmann and the Economics Minister Dr. You can listen to Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut here: