Environmental Protection and Sustainability

Metal processing and environmental compatibility go hand in hand at S&R Eisenmann
The future of energy and drive technology cannot do without sustainable solutions and ideas for environmental protection. Since we are committed to this future, we present our contribution to the important topic of sustainability here.

Minimalistic packaging

We are concerned with making a positive contribution to the world in which we live. That's why we took care of a minimalist, sustainable - clever - design of our packaging. We refrain from using bleached boxes, labels or stickers and from multicolored printing on them. We have also analyzed which information is actually important for our trading partners. We chose to display our item numbers prominently to facilitate acceptance, warehousing and management.

Our Handling of paper and packaging

Packaging, flyers and other printed matter are still indispensable in today's entrepreneurship and especially in the marketing of products. In order to be careful with our resources, we think before we use paper or cardboard: Whether it's folders, boxes, packaging labels, photocopies or marketing materials, we find ways to protect the environment! Climate-neutral printing - only in absolutely necessary editions! – compensates for CO2 emissions, folders are relabeled, our office is largely paperless, our boxes are unbleached, the stickers required for shipping are printed in black and white instead of in color.

Clean welds without lye

When processing stainless steel - a material with a particularly high degree of purity - weld seams occur that have to be cleaned. Because stainless steel otherwise loses its quality through the effects of heat.

Instead of using lye as is conventional, we have introduced electrochemical weld seam cleaning: It is based on electrolytes which, unlike lye, are completely non-toxic.
We see this approach as a quality and unique selling point of S&R Eisenmann.

Inside outside

In our company rooms and on the company premises, we pay attention to economy in terms of energy consumption: LED lighting and motion detectors are only used where they are useful and necessary.

However, the green spaces around our company headquarters are almost extravagant: We have laid them out in such a way that, with various plants and herbs, they offer habitat and food for as many animals and insects as possible all year round.